Colour Masterbatches

SunShine colours are the lines of masterbatches totally developed with RECYCLED and POST CONSUMER materials.
These lines of colour masterbatches are focused on environmental sustainability, and one already obtained CSI recycled plastic mark according to the specific rules Doc. 002/13.

They have been developed through a customized process, which offers excellent processability, good dispersion and excellent performance in the final product.

This allows the creation of special effects such as a pearlescent finish, with a percentage  of use which varies from 2 to 5%.
The new lines are suitable for injection and blow moulding and can be used in different market segments and applications.

Colour range

SunShine colour is inspired by rainbow and offers following colours: Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Turquoise, Blue and Violet.

SunShine Earth is inspired by Earth sustainability and offers: Blue (ocean), White pearl (sun), light brown (earth), Green (forest) and Violet (life).

MESGO Iride Colors offers RAL /Pantone /NCS or taylor-made colours which meet customer’s requirements.
Special effects, such as fluorescent, metallic, pearly and phosphorescent complete the colour range without affecting the validity of CSI certification.

SunShine Colour

SunShine Earth Colour

Application Areas

SunShine colour lines are suitable for injection and blow moulding, developed mainly for packaging applications, such
cans, jars and bottles for cosmetics industry.
They can also be used in different market segments.