Silicone rubber compounds

Our in house research and  development engineers understand the complexity involved in your business. They know the stringent requirements that you need to meet. Our silicone rubber solutions are used in cables as insulation or sheathing and meet the requirements of the common industry standards like CEI, EN, UL, ISO, DIN, BS and others.

In addition, insulating, tracking resistant, and conductive silicone compounds are commonly used to manufacture all the accessories needed to safely connect the power grid.

Whatever silicone rubber compound you need to connect our world, we are here to help.

At HEXPOL, the customer always comes first. Our global footprint and local presence, coupled with our ability to offer fast-track delivery and compound or packaging customisation, will support your business growth plans. And when circumstances change quickly, our contingency planning capabilities and urgent delivery track-record will ensure that production proceeds as planned.

Application Areas

Our silicone rubber compounds are designed to match a broad range of uses – from high temperature industrial environment to high safety public buildings. Compounds are designed with premium raw materials in order to guarantee consistent features and processing.

Silicone compounds to make fire alarm and signal cables from HEXPOL are designed to adapt to the main cable constructions and to comply with the international standards covering this key field.

Our automotive cable compounds are designed to resist to high temperature of traditional combustion engine and can be used to deal with the modern challenges that OEMs are facing in E-mobility.

HEXPOL silicone compounds for insulators housing molding are designed to be reliable, easy processing and cost-effective how the market of this high end cost-optimized commodities requires.

Cable accessories often require high flexible materials to make joints suitable to repair or connect cables. At HEXPOL a full portfolio of soft compounds with various electrical features is available and ready to design your connectors and joints.

signal cable
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HEXPOL is the only company in the wire and cable segment that currently offers such a broad portfolio of materials, including all thermoset rubbers, thermoplastic, and thermoplastic elastomers.

Talk to our specialists for environmentally friendly cable solutions, such as halogen free peroxides suitable for hot air curing or extremely clean addition curing materials.

We offer natural or pre-colored compounds. Our product solutions come as strips or logs ready to be extruded or injection moulded, respectively.

The high level of quality of our materials is achieved by state-of-the-art equipment and a high level of automation. Online straining achieves purity requirements. 

We are tailoring solutions to process efficiently on existing customer equipment minimizing scrap rates and improving processing.

A One-Stop Shop For Energy, Wire + Cable Materials

Did you know that the HEXPOL Group has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of polymeric materials for Energy, Wire and Cable applications in the market? Offering customized solutions in high-performance materials such as silicone rubber, advanced rubber technologies, additives, HFFR and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).